This is not a SoHo NAS

The 'generic NAS' market has lot of vendors vying for attention. Tony Howard, Head of Enterprise Strategy at BETA DISTRIBUTION, argues that "the founding fathers of SMB NAS should be the vendor of choice", introducing the Netgear ReadyNAS as a business focused product with an ultra-fast processor to meet the demands of this space

These days, running a successful business often depends on successful file sharing - application data, virtual images, client files, email and all the digital files that make your business go. With ReadyNAS you finally have an advanced and easy-to use solution for centralising, securing, and sharing those critical assets. Faster processors mean more simultaneous users can access unified storage across PC, Mac and Linux environments.

ReadyNAS is VMWare vSphere ESXi 6.0 certified for high-performance virtualised storage with workload-heavy VM support. Build your own Private Cloud for data compliance and privacy.

It is also ideal for multimedia professionals for HD, or 4K work, single or multi user access to project files. The fast processors mean large sequential files pass through at exceptional rates.

Neat additions such as full Dropbox integration make it easy to sync important files, photos or videos across all of your web-connected remote users.

Plus all the features that you expect from the best NAS solutions:

• Multiple choice of RAID levels
• Multiple bay chassis choices for up to 12TB drives
• Unlimited snapshots
• Cloud replication
• Block level replication
• File replication
• 1GbE & 10GbE connectivity

For FIVE YEARS support: every ReadyNAS solution sold in 2018 will have access to a global team of world-class data recovery experts. This service protects your data against user error, mechanical damage or natural disaster for 5 years. This service is supplied by Netgear's technology partner, Seagate.

Now faster than ever before, ReadyNAS solutions offer Small and Medium Businesses the ultimate network storage platform. With 5 levels of unrivalled data protection, 10-Gigabit copper Ethernet network interface on select models, and expandable storage capacity, the new line-up offers outstanding performance, versatility and scalability.

The new ReadyNAS OS 6 continues to build on its mission started 5 years ago to provide the strongest data protection in the industry. By guarding against 'bitrot' media degradation as well as viruses and malware, its five levels of defence offer complete data and media protection. This new capability is added to existing safeguards such as automatic RAID protection against disk failure, point-in-time recovery with snapshot technology, free real-time anti-virus software, and replication to the cloud. Ultimate performance: Industry's highest performance Network Attached Storage product portfolio, across a range of desktop and rackmount chassis options.

Intuitive unified management app:
Setup, monitor and manage your ReadyNAS from the palm of your hand through the NETGEAR Insight app for iOS and Android (for ReadyNAS running OS 6.7 and above).

Seamless file sharing:
Unified storage platform (ReadyCLOUD) for sharing files between Windows, Mac, Linux-based computers and remote or cloud locations.

All-inclusive ReadyDR data protection:
Migrate data from your computers to your ReadyNAS, backup data between your ReadyNAS either locally or externally seamlessly and instantly.

File sharing:
Unified storage platform for sharing files between Windows, Mac and Linux-based computers.

Hard drive redundancy:
RAID redundancy with automatic expansion and unlimited data snapshots for point-in-time restore.

Cloud collaboration:
Share selected folders and files with ReadyCLOUD with partners, clients or internal teams.

Backup & recovery:
ReadyDR disaster recovery solution based on block level replication technology. on block level replication technology.

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