New low-cost solution for automated transfer/archiving to the cloud

Editorial Type: News Date: 12-2020 Views: 584 Tags: Storage, Object storage, Cloud, Data Centre, DataCore, Wasabi, vFilO
DataCore & Wasabi partner to increase accessibility of 'hot data'

Cloud storage company Wasabi is to enter a new partnership with DataCore to provide customers with a fast, practical, and cost effective solution for archiving inactive files and saving snapshots to the cloud in a secure format. Users of NAS and file systems can use DataCore vFilO file and object storage virtualisation software to pool and easily migrate cold, inactive data to the cloud, unlocking greater storage capacity for hot data on network-attached storage (NAS) and filers on-premises.

Inactive, historical data is one of the biggest culprits of annual storage spend for any company. While this data is critical to save, it consumes a significant amount of storage space requiring companies to buy new equipment and manually spread files across different systems. This is both expensive and ultimately breaks directory hierarchies and disrupts users resulting in expensive data silos. With access to Wasabi’s low-cost, scalable, cloud object storage, users of DataCore vFilO can leverage secondary storage in the cloud in a completely non-disruptive, automated and reversible manner. The integrated solution saves companies from buying more expensive capacity on-prem, and keeps the familiar directory structure intact.

IT organisations leverage vFilO’s capability to serve as a virtualisation layer on top of existing file systems including Isilon, NetApp, and other NFS or SMB-based systems, then establish policies to identify data to be archived in the cloud based on metadata such as file age. vFilO then continuously identifies files that meet the policy, encrypts and compresses them, performs global deduplication, and uploads to a cloud storage system. The files are still available transparently for users. Upon request, these files are downloaded from the cloud, re-hydrated, and presented to users.

Another use case is to store copies of entire folders, shares, or systems in the cloud for data protection purposes, where data is encrypted and protected. Wasabi offers not only extremely low-cost cloud object storage using the standard S3 interface, the company also provides multiple data centre options in various geographic locations. Wasabi provides 11x9s of data protection with redundant data centres and the option for immutability.

“Customers rely on DataCore vFilO to orchestrate data placement across different classes of storage as the value of data changes. While we have always prioritised efficient data archival, identifying a cloud option that was cost-effective without compromising on performance has been a challenge,” said Paul Tilston, VP Alliances at DataCore. “By integrating Wasabi’s cloud with vFilO, we solve this problem allowing customers to easily extend their data archival to the cloud in an automatic and sustainable way at an extremely low cost.”